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Each seminar, meeting, and keynote speech is developed to accomplish specific goals in each client's unique culture

John Canfield’s Good Thinking Curriculum is based on the notion that improving thinking skills is the key driver to improving business performance.


The topics listed below are all about thinking, and learning to think more effectively and creatively, to solve problems, create new alternatives, and improve your company's performance. All Sessions are very interactive and based on your organization’s issues and opportunities.

Core Topic: Collaboration Skills

Collaboration can be so much more than just assembling as a team to do work. Done poorly, the results are half-baked ideas sort-of supported by some of the team’s members. Done well, the results are decisions better than anyone expected supported enthusiastically by all of a team’s members.

Productive collaboration includes the presentation of different points of view and substantiation with data when possible. There are both ordinary and not-so-ordinary techniques and approaches which generate a wide variety of alternatives while deliberately building support for those alternatives. Effective techniques allow the team to physically place the issue out in front of the group, while minimizing distracting personality issues. Effective tools help teams build and support great decisions. Effective techniques promote better alternatives, better support, and better results.

Collaboration is the key skill set that drives effective teams to improve business performance.

Supporting skills sets include idea generating, decision making, and implementing:

Idea Generation

  • Process Improvement: Improve processes throughout your organization by learning to identify and replace sources of waste with new value-added steps.

  • Creative Thinking Skills: Learn to generate new ideas when you thought you couldn’t think of any more.

  • Strategic Planning: Create an operational planning document that guides company leaders and employees.

  • Scenario Planning: aka Considering Alternative Futures: Think about the future in a very productive way.

Decision Making Skills

  • Project Management: Implement changes on an ongoing basis with teams who plan, manage, budget, track, and successfully complete company projects.

  • Leading Teams: Initiate and support your organization's improvement teams.

  • Leading Change: Learn new techniques to help you learn about and practice more effective ways to think about, and decide about, change and improvements

  • Leading an Innovative Organization: Help for senior leaders who are or will be leading an organization that embraces innovation.

Delivery Options include customized seminars, facilitated meetings and keynote speeches.


Consider the Good Thinking Curriculum as the base of an onsite company wide customized leadership development initiative.

Please contact us to request detailed descriptions of these and other seminars and meetings.

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