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Independent consultant John Canfield helps clients improve their performance, revenues, and profitability. John's approach has been developed from years of client experience.

Improve thinking skills to generate better insights and ideas


Improve collaboration skills to build support for the ideas


Improve implementation skills to realize the benefits.


If we want to improve our performance, what's the best way to think about this?

John Good Thinking Curriculum Series promotes two crucial components for effective collaborative decision making:

One is to ask the team to identify the best alternative. Here the team works to be clear in it's goals and lists many possible choices to compare to the goals. There are both ordinary and not-so-ordinary techniques and approaches which generate a wide variety of alternatives which represent a range of points of view. Better techniques, better alternatives.

A second component is to deliberately build support for the team's selections by organizing the dialogue to promote participant contribution and buy-in. Here we want to take advantage of the wonderful principle that people support what they help create.

When people are included in the identification, comparison, and selection of alternatives, most often a very good solution emerges which everyone can support.

Productive collaboration can be so much more than just coordinating or assembling information resources or people in the same location.


Productive collaboration deliberately builds both good decisions and good support.

It is the combination of good decisions with good support that generates significant business impact.

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Implementation Skills

Improved Decisions, Behaviors

Collaboration Skills

Improved Insights and Ideas

Ideation Skills

Improved Thinking

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