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John Canfield

Helping Clients Build High Performance Teams Since 1990

Independent corporate trainer, meeting facilitator, speaker, and author who develops and presents custom on-site seminars, meetings, and keynote speeches.

Helps company leaders and employees

  • learn effective thinking skills
  • to solve difficult problems
  • to create new products and services
  • to improve business performance

Most often supports companies in the areas of

  • improvement strategies
  • creativity and innovation
  • strategic planning
  • scenario planning

John's support is most often process oriented. He is less an industry content expert or business advisor, and more a corporate trainer and meeting facilitator in the areas of planning, improvement, and innovation. John helps clients with the "how" of what they do.

John's Good Thinking Series Curriculum: The Good Thinking Series is based on the notion that improving thinking skills is the key driver to improving business performance.

This four part book series introduces readers to a wide variety of tools and techniques that guide a person's or a team's thinking to help build better decisions and better buy in.

What differentiates great and not-so-great companies and organizations is how they think, and how they help all their employees learn to think more effectively.



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