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Meeting Facilitation - group of employees working on a problem around a white board

Helping Clients Build High Performance Teams

Since 1990

John Canfield is an independent corporate trainer, meeting facilitator, speaker, and author who develops and presents custom on-site seminars, meetings, and keynote speeches. 

Corporate Trainer

John tackles the difficult areas of effective thinking skills and problem solving to help your organization improve business performance and solve difficult problems. 

Meeting Facilitator

Meetings don't have to be hard.

Whether it's strategic planning, scenario planning, or innovation, John can lead you and your group to the most productive meeting you've ever had. 


John is available for speaking events on a variety of topics including:

Improvement strategies

Strategic Thinking

Scenario Planning

Thinking Skills



The Good Thinking Series Curriculum is based on the notion that improving thinking skills is the key driver to improving business performance. The series introduces a wide variety of applicable tools and techniques.


John Canfield worked for me for several years and did an outstanding job. He is an excellent teacher, speaker, motivator, and manager. His knowledge of quality systems and team building were exceptional. The entire organization benefited from his work. The highest recommendation I can give is I would hire him back into the organization in an instant.

INTEL - Vice President of Manufacturing

John Canfield is more than anything else... a business partner.  As his client, I appreciate that John consistently challenges complacency and routine pedestrian thinking.  He draws from his considerable knowledge and experience base to help me clearly define my desired outcomes and objectives, and he employs a broad array of skills and tools to assist our team in surpassing our goals.  He's creative, he's pragmatic, and he holds me accountable.  In short, he makes sure that I get my money's worth from our client/consultant relationship.  John Canfield makes for a great business partner!

HERMAN MILLER - Senior VP of Human Resources

Very much enjoyed having John as our instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable, kept everyone engaged, was flexible when the class desired to deep-dive into some subjects, and he provided an extremely positive energy conducive to learning. Hands down, the best instructor I’ve experienced while working the government (28 years).

U.S. ARMY – Natick MA Research Center – Ph.D.


John Canfield has worked as an independent management consultant with hundreds of company leaders throughout the world helping organizations build improvement and innovation capability since 1990. John is an experienced seminar leader who has been trained to facilitate a wide variety of planning, problem solving, creativity, and project leadership processes and tools. 



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