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An effective facilitator serves as an unbiased, proactive, skilled helper focused on improving the process and performance of the team they support. Enlisting an effective facilitator is a selective investment strategy to improve your business results. A skilled facilitator helps the client meet their goals efficiently and effectively. A skilled facilitator can reduce your total meeting time and cost by reducing confusion and reluctance while promoting open discussion, brainstorming, problem solving, and decision making.

Faurecia Exhaust Systems - President and CEO

I have worked with John on several occasions over the past several years.  In every instance, he has exceeded expectations.  John has the ability to facilitate a team through training, planning or creativity exercises in a way that brings the best out of the group.  Barriers are broken down more quickly with John than with other consultants that I have worked with trying to accomplish the same thing.  He does this in a way that promotes hard work ... while having fun at the same time.

Herman Miller - Sr. V.P. Human Resources

John Canfield is more than anything else...a business partner. As his client, I appreciate that John consistently challenges complacency and routine pedestrian thinking. He draws from his considerable knowledge and experience base to help me clearly define my desired outcomes and objectives, and he employs a broad array of skills and tools to assist out teams in passing their goals. He's creative, he's pragmatic, and he holds me accountable. In short, he makes sure I get my money's worth from out client/consultant relationship. John Canfield makes for a great business partner.

SAF Holland Group - V.P. Marketing

John is the consummate facilitator. He has the ability to develop teams, assist in solving problems (creating solutions), and doing it in an atmosphere of continuous learning. He can focus strategically with senior management or tactically with first line associates. His experience and depth give him the ability to tackle politically sensitive relationships with the outcome always the bottom line objective. His ability to add humor at the appropriate time helps with potentially stressful situations. His creative thinking techniques allow teams to develop ownership and accountability. I respect his ability to tackle a variety of organizational challenges with the enthusiasm

Toyota - V.P. Manufacturing:

John is one of the most innovative and knowledgeable individuals I have ever worked with as an overall team development and "thinking out of the box" leader. He has developed and fully understands numerous tools of problem solving and creative thinking which can bring new leadership development to your team. John has kept informed about all modern tools in his field adding each year to his ability to effectively lead in different areas of company problem solving, quality systems development and creative thinking.

University of Michigan-Business School Faculty Retreat

  • John had a tough task and did it well. Without John's help we would have accomplished only 25% of what we got done in this meeting.
  • One thing I really appreciated was your reading the situation and knowing when it was a good idea to alter the agenda.
  • I have to admit I was skeptical of using a facilitator but I can say with 100% certainty that we would not have accomplished as much as we did, or reached to the depth we did without John.
  • Fantastic with a difficult situation. Wonderful calming style. A wealth of tools, metaphors, stories, prior experiences - an amazing facilitator toolkit.

Training and consulting are important investment strategies to improve your business results, not ends in themselves. I encourage you to find and work with a resource you can learn with. Your benefit of our partnership should be measured by what you and your organization can do in-house after our work is completed and it's impact on your business performance.